Heavy-Hitter Detection on SmartNIC - Using P4

Computer Science faculty, Technion, Israel - LCCN Lab

The target of HashPipe algorithm is to track the K heaviest flows with high accuracy using limited available memory. The HashPipe can be implemented in programmable hardware such as Netronome SmartNic using P4 language. Please find the project report, "Heavy-Hitter Detection on SmartNIC - Using P4" here,  based on the paper "Heavy-Hitter Detection Entirely in the Data Plane" (Ori Rottenstreich, Srinivas Narayana, Vibhaalakshmi Sivaraman, Jennifer Rexford, S. Muthukrishnan).

Ori Rottenstreich

Itzik Ashkenazi, Yevhenii Liubchyk, Maria Shestakova