Sonata Network Telemetry System

Princeton University - Department of Computer Science

Sonata is a query-driven network telemetry system that uses a uniform query interface to drive the joint collection and analysis of network traffic. It takes advantage of two emerging technologies---streaming analytics platforms and programmable network devices---to facilitate joint collection and analysis.

Sonata lets network operators express telemetry tasks as declarative queries applying dataflow operators, like map/reduce, over packet tuples. Its runtime determines the best plan for executing these queries----executing a subset of operators in the data plane, thus reducing the number of packet tuples processed by the stream processor for analysis; and iteratively refining the input query to winnow out the uninteresting traffic for each query, thus reducing the state required in the data plane. We plan to use the Netronome SmartNICs to execute the subset of dataflow operators over the packet tuples at line rate before sending the processed tuples to the stream processor for further processing.

Arpit Gupta