Smart Network Platform for SDN and NFV

Konkuk University - DMS Group

In this project, we research Smart Network Platform. The smart network platform consists of “smart controller”, “smart network app store”, and “smart gateway”.

The smart controller manages network device in organization. and provides UI to the user to manage. “Smart controller” manages network devices in an organization in a center and it provides management UI and API to administrator. “Smart Network App Store” provides various network apps to the administrator such as CCN(Content Centric Network), Firewall, Loadbalancer, DLP(Data Loss Protection, QoS(Quality of Service) or applications. “Smart Gateway” is a end point network appliance provides network oriented platform to execute smart apps(as described above) which supports real-time and high performance packet processing and provides user-friendly API sets to network application developers.

In this project, we are planning to use SmartNIC as an CCN offloading platform which implements UDP and TCP offloading for specific CCN protocol and we hope to implement NVMe(Non-Volatile Memory express) light-weighted device driver on SmartNIC using MicroC language.

Dug-ki Min