Scalable Name-based Data Plane for Named Data Networking

Beijing Institute of Technology - Network Architecture, System and Security Lab. (NASS)

The project is to provide a high-performance and scalable name-based data plane for future Internet architecture, like named data networking (NDN) and ADN (application driven network). The data plane is implemented on Netronome 4000 or 6000 series platform, aiming to achieve 40-100Gbp wire speed performance. The group is one of key contributors to an open source project of NDN project, namely NDN forwarding daemon (NFD), and now moves forward to port NFD to Netronome for high performance. We try to show that the data plane of further Internet architectures can be efficiently supported by current IP-spired accelerators.

Tian Song

Nian Xia, Hang Zhang, Yalong Yang, Miaomiao Liu, Yating Yang, Yu Wei, Hongchen Zhu