Scalable Advanced Measurement Appliance

University of Massachusetts - Advanced Computing and Networking Systems Lab

Network measurement has been facing big challenges from the following aspects (1) the ever increasing line rate; (2) the changing measurement metrics and varying details; and (3) the privacy of measurement data. To address these challenges, we propose AMIS: Advanced Measurement Instrument and Services to achieve flow-granularity network measurement, sustain scalable line rate, meet evolving measurement objectives and derive knowledge for network advancement. The scalable hardware architecture Advanced Measurement Appliance (AMA) and software-defined measurement framework are key advantages of AMIS. We plan to use Netronome’s FlowNIC as the primary packet processing engine for measurement tasks. In the software stack of AMIS, we provide a set of APIs for defining measurement tasks and experiment with different privacy preserving techniques on the obtained measurement data. We also intend to provide statistical analytics of the measurement data to effectively provision the network resources at exchange points.

Yan Luo