Programming Information-Centric Data-Planes in P4

University of Luxembourg - SEDAN Research Group

Over a decade of research on Information-Centric Networking (ICN) has produced insights about designing content-oriented network layers. However, proposed software implementations of ICN routers are often tied to a specific hardware platform, thus they are hard to share with and be re-used by the research community. This situation slows down the progress of the research field, limits deployments of existing solutions and creates interoperability issues among those. Instead, today's emerging fully-programmable switch chips and NICs and the related high-level programming languages (P4) promise to build a common ground where the potential of the ICN paradigm can be easily showcased to a broader audience. Therefore, this project aims to explore how the P4 language and the compatible targets may be leveraged to run ICN behaviors in the data-path.

Radu State, Salvatore Signorello