Information-Centric Networking with P4

Huawei Technologies USA - Innovation Center

This project will explore the feasibility of realizing information-centric networking (ICN) protocols using the P4 framework on programmable data planes such as Netronome. ICN data planes, e.g. CCN/NDN and MobilityFirst, realizes a new network layer with several desirable features like name based routing, caching, security, multicasting and mobility features. These forwarders generally have multiple data structures to index cached content, aggregate requests and forwarding based on FIB rules. Depending on the protocol, these data structures also requires packet buffering feature during the resolution process, line rate buffer read/write and update to the forwarding data structures to realize ICN features. Through this project we will research to create an end-to-end application scenario where the network would contain both software based and P4 based ICN forwarders. 

Ravi Ravindran