Hardware-Accelerated NFV for DDoS

Carnegie Mellon University

At Carnegie Mellon, we are exploring a broad theme called "Software-Defined network security" investigating how recent advances in SDN and NFV can help dramatically improve the status quo in network security. This Open-NFP community-driven web portal may be useful with respect to several research threads we are currently exploring.

One such thread is to tackle the recent spate of advanced DDoS attacks. We are developing a system for flexible and elastic DDoS mitigation where the defenses can be adaptively changed as the attack strategies change. The goal will be to investigate the potential benefits of hardware-accelerated NFV functions in the context of DDoS defense.

This work is supported by funding from the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, Intel Corporation and the National Science Foundation.

Reprinted with permission. © Carnegie Mellon University, 2015

Vyas Sekar