Open-NFP Announces Dataplane Acceleration Developer Day 2017 and Inaugural Hackathon

Oct. 31, 2017

Leading developer conference will feature extensive hands-on dataplane programming on SmartNICs for COTS Servers using P4, OVS and eBPF technologies

Hackathon will bring teams together to push the boundaries of dataplane performance and scalability

SANTA CLARA, CA. – October 31, 2017 - Open-NFP, a worldwide, community-driven organization focused on research and development in datapath offloads and acceleration for SDN and NFV applications, announced today that it will complete its three-part 2017 worldwide developer conference series with the upcoming Dataplane Acceleration Developer Day 2017 (DXDD) on December 11, 2017 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Through a rapid increase of its user community, published research and knowledge base, Open-NFP has quickly become the de-facto open research community focused on dataplane acceleration and programming. Open-NFP’s popular worldwide DXDD conferences provide dataplane developers comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience to further their programming experience and expertise with new, open networking technologies that enhance dataplane acceleration for a multitude of cloud data center, Telco/NFV and security applications.

At the DXDD, Open-NFP will also host the inaugural dataplane programming hackathon on December 12, 2017 at the same location. Participating teams will utilize advanced programmable networking features and optimize performance and scaling for applications. Example applications include: Network automation, data collection/telemetry, virtual function acceleration, service chaining, new services in mini data centers, new network packet processing tasks and/or new protocols. The hackathon competition is open for startups and academics. 

Designers and operators of modern data center networks desire the ability to evolve the features they require in their networks to meet the needs of new cloud workloads and changing traffic patterns. The DXDD will feature extensive hands-on training that will enable participants to rapidly develop or add new networking features into production and ready-to-deploy COTS server networking hardware. The training will focus on a broad range of open technologies for dataplane acceleration: programming using the P4 programming language with new emphasis on P4-16 language, dataplane acceleration using Open vSwitch (OVS) based on the new TC Flower, and XDP acceleration with extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technologies. 

Since its introduction in November 2015, Open-NFP now hosts over 50 open research and development projects from academia and industry and holds multiple conferences around the world. Relevant software and sample datapath libraries are all hosted on GitHub, enabling collaborative development across distributed teams. To further its education and collaboration goal, Open-NFP recently completed its 4-part “Fall Webinar” instructional seminars that focused on P4 language programming techniques, applications and usage. These webinars are now all available on-demand with additional online training seminars expected in the future.

“Developers wishing to discuss today’s dataplane acceleration challenges, and further their own practical knowledge, will appreciate the opportunity for detailed technical discussions and interaction with their peers from leading companies and research/university institutions around the globe,” said Dr. Bapi Vinnakota, managing director of Open-NFP. “Open-NFP is pleased to host the inaugural dataplane programming hackathon as part of this year’s DXDD, and eagerly await to see what new ideas, code and applications the participating teams produce.”

Register today to ensure your seat at the conference. University students with valid accreditation receive a 50 percent registration discount. Sponsorships of and speaking opportunities at DXDD 2017 are now available.

The Open-NFP hackathon will host teams of up to 3 people. Each team, including a list of team members, must be registered for the event. All teams will be notified of acceptance on November 29, 2017. All hackathon participants will receive free admission to attend the Open-NFP DXDD on December 11, 2017.

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